Gallery Links

These links will take you to a gallery of jewelry and other items.† Many of these items are available for sale, or similar items can be made by special order.


The majority of the pendants on these pages are $10 or $15.† There are some that are $20 or higher.† Most have a price in the corner of their picture ó if thereís no price, itís one of the ones priced at over $20 (or I just didnít get to pricing that picture yet!).† Prices include PA sales tax, but do not include any necessary shipping costs.


All pendants are sold without a cord. I have a variety of cords available, ranging in price from $1 to $5.† Any purchase of $25 or more will receive a free organza ribbon cord.† Metal chains are available via special order only.



†††††††† Unusual components (glow in the dark, mirrors, etc)

†††††††† Real Electroplated Leaves (Custom Order Only)

†††††††† Clear or white

†††††††† Neutral (brown, black, grey, metallic)

†††††††† Multicolor

†††††††† Red and pink

†††††††† Yellow and orange

†††††††† Green

†††††††† Blue

†††††††† Purple


Handspun yarn and rovings


Artsy scarves


Upcycled Scrabble tiles


Other artsy/crafty things